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CPR and First Aid Certification

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CPR+First Aid
Welcome to Professional Training Institute!

Professional Training Institute is Northern California's leader in CPR, BLS, and Basic First Aid Certifications! Taught by experienced Firefighters, our classes are much shorter and provide common sense knowledge and skills to each student to help prepare them for actual emergencies.

By using real life emergency responders, we have revolutionized the standard, boring CPR class by teaching students the need-to-know information and preparing them with facts and tips to help them in true life and death situations!


Group of 6 or more? Click here.

Group of 6 or more? Click here.

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BLS+First Aid

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90 Minutes
3 hours or less!
3 hours or less!

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WE COME TO YOU  |  Weekly Classes  |  Taught by Local Firefighters  |  Shorter Classes  |  OSHA+AHA Guidelines  |  No Book Fees 

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90 Minutes!

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